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And then there were 10 - almost ...

January 2011 saw history being made with the first ever giraffe translocation by boat. Eight endangered Rothschild’s giraffe were selected from Soysambu Conservancy, home of the Rothschild’s Giraffe Project, and were moved 160km north to the newly formed Ruko Conservancy, adjacent to Lake Baringo.

The move went smoothly, with all eight charges arriving fit and healthy. Having been through quite an unusual journey, the eight bewildered animals were released to their new found freedom in a clattering of hooves, huge cloud of dust and big cheers from the exhausted translocation crew.

It’s been 21 months since those animals were translocated (almost two years, where has the time gone?!) and it has been nothing but a success story. Not only did these eight giraffe make conservation history, they marked the return of the Rothschild’s giraffe (also known as the Baringo giraffe) back to the Lake Baringo area. They settled in quickly and soon found themselves at home in Ruko Conservancy.

We are now extremely pleased to add more good news to this success story and report that two of the females are pregnant!! The pregnancies were reported by the Ruko scouts a few weeks ago and have since been confirmed by our researchers. So, watch this space and stay tuned to hear news of the upcoming births. Very soon our population of eight will be ten, and we hope it will continue to grow into the future.

Pregnant female

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